Whenever someone in our family or friends mention that they have to attend a party, the first thing that comes to our mind is how are they going to drive back home? Everyone would agree that one among the persons attending the party should be sober who needs to drive. Else one among them have to contact criminal lawyers like AGP DUI Lawyers who work as a team in criminal law firm and have extensive experience in this area of practice. Even though driving under influence might not seem to be a serious but a few of the people are very conscious as the consequences faced will be very serious and last for a long time if proved guilty. It may lead to the following:

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  1. Restriction on driving: If proved guilty for DUI, the person may be restricted to drive till some time which is different in different countries. Now everyone understands how inconvenient it is to depend on others to reach our destinations or to spend a lot every day for reaching work or home. The criminal lawyers who expertise in DUI might use all the defences to avoid this.
  2. Forced use of BAIID (breath alcohol ignition interlock device): BAIID is a device which ensures that the driver has to blow into its mouthpiece and it would not allow the engine to start if the alcohol present in the breath is more than the standards mentioned for safe driving. A criminal law firm ensures that it has a good team of DUI lawyers who are well versed with the defence for such forced installations.
  3. Cancellation of driving licence and restriction on international travelling: People who are accused of DUI might have to try to get the driving licence again as it might be cancelled and the accused might also be restricted to travel internationally. Everyone among us would definitely agree how tensed we all were while taking the test.
  4. Losing our job and subsequently facing financial pressure: As DUI reflects in our criminal record, we may lose our job as our employers may have a policy to check our criminal records. Losing our job will stop our source of income and on top of it we need to arrange for all the expenses to pay the fine and to pay the lawyer of a criminal law firm. This may force us to face financial crunch.

Hence whenever we or our family or friends are under the influence of alcohol, they should not be allowed to drive. People may be accused of DUI if there is presence of alcohol in the blood (percentage may differ from state to state) or if the driver is under the influence of any other drug also. We must hire a DUI lawyer who should ensure that we get a minimum penalty; we should be free from this issue and also ensure that DUI should not have any effect on our profession.