If you are a writer and have written an ebook, you are likely to possess it in a .docx format. It is the standard format for MS Word which is used as a default for latest MS Word documents. So, if you have types it there or have received it in an MS file, it is likely to be in the given file type. But the matter of discussion here is that which ebook format you want?

Well, it solely depends on where you are about to publish your book which pops up the question in front of you that which file type will suit you the most. Regardless of whichever it is, you will be in need of an ebook converter like onlineconvertfree.com which can do the job. Here, we will take a look at what formats are being offered to you by this ebook file converter and where they are used.


The FictionBook is a popular xml based ebook format available to you and supported by the individuals who opt for free ebooks. If you plan on posting your books and making them available for software such as PocketBook, CoolReader, Bebook, and FBReader, you can consider choosing this format.

As for the .fb2, the appearance of the document isn’t specified. Rather than telling where each element lies, the document is showed with the help of semantics and structure. The metadata, which includes the name of the writer, the title of the book, and the publisher’s details, are also listed in the file which makes it easy to be indexed.onlineconvertfree.com


The .epub format, also listed as the OEBPS file type, is the standard developed by IDPF for ebooks. It has gained a decent amount of popularity and can be read by a number of ebook readers, making it vendor independent. You can read the ebooks published in this format on all the apple devices, including Mac and iOS, as well as on blackberry, google play books, other android sources, kindle fire, sony reader, adobe digital edition, pocketbook ereader, and similar other apps.

The .epub is regularly used by Adobe Digital Editions and is a default format for the platform.


The mobipocket format, listed commonly as .mobi, is an open ebook standard. The reason why it is used in certain books is because of the integration of javascript and frames inside it. Also, the format gives support to native SQL queries.

This gives a chance for readers to add bookmarks and notes to their ebooks. They can create the notes and drawings, highlighting the parts that are important. All the data they are marking can be gathered in a single page with a filter applied for the individuals to help them search for what they want.

This file type is supported by most of the Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, and Palm OS. However, if you are to publish your book for android, you might wish to use any other format. Even the Mac OS X and Linux users can viewit with the help of WINE.


And lastly, the onlineconvertfree.com provides AZW3 as the ebook file type. It is the best format for people who look to release the books for Kindle Fire and Amazon.com. It also gives support for HTML5 and CSS3 features and supports the Kindle Fire which were released in late 2011 and after.