How many times did you create a to-do list at the beginning of the week and ultimately crossed out most of them? Later by the end of the week, you try to reason about items crossed out in the list. Well, it happens most of the times and even in any company too. However, this can be tackled by accurate time management. In order to perform it efficiently, many software companies have developed free open source software’s for employee management and time management.  Good software can ease lot of problems and save lot of money for a company. When we think about time management, the first thing that comes to mind is its implementation. Yes! It is definitely a pain. Like it or hate it, online time clock free tracking software will bring change in your project implementation.

Online Get Cheap Free Time Clock usesWhy should you use Time tracker in your company?

You do not have to believe any software site claiming their time tracking software is accurate or efficient. However, you can analyse them yourselves, when you learn about the advantages of using one of those. Some of the advantages, which have been enlisted below are:

  1. Employee attendance: every company tracks the attendance of their employees. However, in order to avoid misleading attendance, this method called Time Sheet seems to be a good option.
  2. Monthly Payroll Generation: monthly payroll reports, pie charts, graphs can be calculated easily of every employee and every project within minutes and that too in popular formats like excel sheets and CSV.
  3. Cost Estimation of Project: It has been studied that companies which work on particular cost estimates tend to save more money and manage budget.
  4. Enabling Push Notifications: These software’s also enable you to send push messages(SMS) to employees in order to gather them for meetings or send general information.
  5. Consolidating all to one place: The apps and time management software’s work in tandem with other software’s and they consolidate themselves at one place.
  6. Plan deadlines and delivery dates: A project management team can plan deadlines and delivery dates using the software.
  7. Enable In and Out clock for employees: online time clock free management software also include time log for employees where they check in and check out while leaving their office premises.
  8. Easy Remuneration for employees: Employee can remunerate easily through help of these software tools. They can upload receipts of vehicle expenses, travel expenses and get remuneration easily from the company.
  9. Report/Contact anyone from your company under one portal: Most of software’s these days are coming up in the form of intra social network, where each and every employee can connect to anyone.
  10. Claim for the raise righteously: If employees work overtime on few particle days, they can easily claim for their extra hours. Since the tracker tracks their record, it will act as a good proof.
  11. Re-Plan your schedule instantaneously: Meetings, daily schedules can be planned and modified instantaneously, on the press of a button.