Bangalore is a central business investment centre for many reasons. One is that it has plenty of IT related business ventures. More importantly, it is the fourth biggest contributor to the GDP at $83 million. It has a rapidly growing economy and has a large number of households with an annual income of Rs 10 lakh or more.

Need for office space

Due to the rapid increase in the commercialisation, the business centres of Bangalore are crowded leaving no space for new business ventures to establish themselves. This space crunch has led to the growth of another kind of office spaces – the shared office.

Types of office space

The shared office is of many varieties but one can group them into two predominant classes – coworking spaces and the shared office. There is not much of a difference between the coworking space and the shared office space. In the coworking offices, you do not have a restriction on the size of the office or the nature of the business.

Now, you can rent a furnished office or an unfurnished one.  Most of the coworking spaces come furnished. This is because many of the renters of coworking spaces are single persons. Artists, new start-ups, students, and much more use the office space instead of their home space to get into a working atmosphere. This helps nurture a creative tendency in them.

Advantages of unfurnished offices

So, you can see that coworking spaces will not have a long tenancy. Most of them stay for a week or 10 days, while a few of them use the office space just for a day or two. Unfurnished office space is needed by businesses that have custom machines and tools to use. They may have a speciality printer to get the output of their work files. Use of an unfurnished office helps them set up their own printer and scanner. In this way, many business ventures look for space to put their office machinery.

Facilities in shared office space

You can expect the normal services in these shared office spaces such as IT support, meeting rooms, broadband connectivity, and secretarial services. They will provide computer workstations, stationery supply, and a few of them will give you snacks and meals. Most of the offices have air-conditioning and some of them have showers.

You have a telephone and telephone answering services. There is security provided round-the-clock. The building may have parking facility but depends on the location. You can use the common reception service and have them take messages in an emergency. They will receive your customers when they arrive to see you.

Main business locations in Bangalore

New business ventures look for commercial space for sale in Bangalore that is well connected to the city and has good business links. The leading commercial areas in Bangalore include MG Road and Brigade Road, Jayanagar 4th Block and Malleswaram, in the outer area, and Raja Market, Chickpet, and Mamulpet in the city area.

Any business that needs to make profits must have a good location for its offices. Using shared offices helps you in doing this without placing a burden on you. Choose a good shared office to begin your business and make much profit.