In this dynamic business landscape where technology is evolving at the fast pace, it is very crucial to make a strong bond with the customers. Today, customers are seeking personalised support along with immediate respond to their queries. Although, there are multiple options available to connect with the support executive in the call centre, but telephone is still considered as the most preferred option.

For a business, it is important to have a human answering service. This not only improves the customer experience, but also strengthens your business image and rapport amongst the vast customer base. Therefore, having a team of call centre executives to respond to your customer queries or problems is important to take your customer experience to the next level.

Today’s tech-oriented business milieu has led many entrepreneurs to embrace automated systems to drive customer loyalty. Communication touch points such as web chat, email, voice mail, IVR and IMs are undoubtedly good platforms to connect with the audience. But, when they fail to process a transaction or facing problem at the checkout phase, they need to immediately connect with the customer care executive to resolve their issues at the earliest so that they can proceed further. At this particular time, going through the prompts running on the screen is very difficult. What if they hit wrong button or enter into the wrong prompt. They have to repeat the procedure all again and this has become frustrating. Herein, connecting to the right person is very important to overcome the situation and get the query resolved.

While automated phone attendants may sound terrific to you, but it’s not the ideal way for a customer that just wants to speak to someone about a query, concern, gathering information, or scheduling of an appointment. It actually sounds impersonal and makes customers think that you simply don’t have enough time to handle their phone calls and provide appropriate answers to them. Unfortunately, choosing an automated attendant to deal with the customer calls in comparison to having a live person to attend customer calls is a big mistake that many businesses often commit. This not only takes away your potential customers from your business, but also destroys your business reputation.

Take a quick look at some of the crucial reasons that represent why a live support is essential for your business.

The human staff can act as part of your sales team: It is actually a great decision to treat call centre executives as part of the sales team. An individual who is answering customer call is the person who is representing your business. They have appropriate knowledge about your business and its offerings and that’s why they are comfortable in answering general queries made by the customers. They have strong communication skills and engaging power. They can turn a potential customer into a real customer. Also, they are strong in scheduling appointments, which, in turn, help you to increase your sales pipeline.

Automated voices could cost your sales: What happens when you setup for an automated voice based system on the other end? You are increasing the business cost pertaining to sales. There is no longer a warm welcoming voice that is enough to resolve the situation and the call handled quickly. Well, it’s the same generic greeting, complex-structured menu to adhere, and a frustrated customer deciding it’s not worth to proceed. Approaching a new customer requires a personalised attention and care because this new prospect may eager to learn more about your company. The automated system in this place make the customer feel unimportant and like it would end up the session fast.

Save time of your callers: One of the important benefits of choosing answering services for small businesses over an automated voice system is that it’s saving you and the customer time as well. In the automated system, your customers have to wait through the menu to get routed to the right person or start the same procedure in case they hit the wrong button. In addition, they have to wait for a long time to decide which option is correct to reach the right department. In spite of this, having a live call answering service simply help the customer to get connected with the right agent of the right department.

A company, irrespective of its size, should have a live answering service to make sure that all calls get answered promptly and professionally.