Today, we shall have a discussion over the most buzzed business opportunity nowadays i.e. iCoinPro. I am providing my icoinpro review over here to let you understand this opportunity from the investigation I have done about.

People are now seen sending invitations to people on social networking websites and platforms to people who even don’t understand what it is all about. In this icoinpro review, we will discuss the company, the products, and services company is providing and finally about the compensation or business plan of the company.

iCoinPro is company build by the crypto currency specialist Paul De Sousa who is at the position of Chief Executive Officer in the company. The company heads itself in Texas, United States of America. Usually, the crypto currency companies we have seen till now or are in the market for many years, they do not reveal their CEO’s to the people. This is a sign of positivity from the company to the people. The website of the company speaks up about how much dedication and zeal the CEO of the company has to bring it forward amongst the people.

De Sousa has been a part of many other companies and promoted them well in the earlier times, but now it seems that he wishes to utilize his energy and efforts in promoting his own company.

The products of the iCoinPro involve providing the medium of education to people for crypto currency, knowledge on crypto currency and then training those people on crypto currency. This product range is one of a kind in the complete bit coin industry. In the usual trend, the companies offer coins without any proofs and knowledge on how can one trade using them. The cost of the iCoinPro product is around forty dollars only.

The business plan or the compensation plan of the company involves two types of businesses for its associates. First one is the retail business and the second one is the sponsorship business. If you wish to get the commission every month than it is mandatory for you to generate a minimum of forty PV that is the business of forty dollars every month. You can do this by making a repurchase of the product or making a retail sale of the product. Both the ways it is achievable.

The company provides ranks to its associates on their achievements were done. When you join the company, at that time you are given the rank of an affiliate. When you sell a minimum of three sponsorships or three products to customers using retail sale or sponsorship then you become a single star rank holder. When you sell a minimum of twenty sponsorships or twenty products to customers using retail sale or sponsorship then you become a double star achiever. When you sell a minimum of hundred sponsorships or hundred products to customers using retail sale or sponsorship then you become a single star achiever. The business plan has more benefits to it other than this well.