When working as a chauffeur, a motor insurance is a must since you are using a vehicle. But there are still other risks that you have to face when you are a chauffeur. These risks may cost you money, and a chauffeur’s insurance will protect and take your worries away from these costs that might affect your business.

At Tradesmen Saver, you are surely gonna get the best insurance policy that you will need for this type of business. They have a lot of options to choose from which company can right fit depending on your needs as a chauffeur. You can have your insurance set up on the internet in just minutes. You can visit their website and learn about PLI.

The Public Liability Insurance.

Chauffeurs will deal with the public every day. The public liability insurance UK is very important. With this type of insurance, you are surely covered by public claims compensations. This usually happens when they have been injured, or their property was damaged because of something that you might have done.

When you are with Tradesmen, they have the right people to handle the claims. The insurance will also cover the legal costs while handling the insurance claims. You won’t need to use your own money with these claims and legal issues. These claims are surely going to be expensive. A broken leg can cost you £20,000, and many serious injuries will surely hurt your budget.

Property Insurance.

Property insurance will help you protect your office and its contents from damage or theft. Your office contents may not worth anything to you. But once it’s damaged or stolen, you would realize how important they are, and how big the costs would be when you need to replace them.

Sickness and Personal Accident Insurance.

When you are sick or injured, going to work would not be possible. If you are self-employed, you don’t have any sick pay. But still, you will not be exempted from rent, bills, car loans, and the basic needs of a person. You need financial support when this happens. This is why as a chauffeur, Tradesmen Saver recommends the Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance. You will receive weekly benefits while you’re out of work temporarily, or a lump sum.

The Legal Expense Insurance.

When you get into an unexpected accident, the legal expenses are blinding! If you have the Legal Expense Insurance, it will cover all legal expenses incurred against you. If you don’t have this, you might end up paying an amount to settle these legal actions since you can’t even afford to defend yourself. If you are insured, there’s no need to worry if you face any legal actions.

As a chauffeur, you need to protect yourself all the time. This job is not easy, and anytime, you might face unexpected circumstances. Make sure that you are fully protected. Tradesman Saver can help you with your insurance concerns. They will assess and can give you a quote in just minutes! So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself and your business today.