Smart and savvy business owners understand just how important it is to keep a close eye on your cash flow, understanding your invoicing process so that you know when customers are being billed, when they are paying, and what to do if they aren’t paying according to the terms that you have already agreed to.

Invoicing today is a lot easier than it ever used to be in the past, thanks in large part to some pretty amazing pieces of technology, but you’ll still need to find the right solutions for your specific operation.

Check out some of the best invoicing tools for small businesses below!


One of the most beloved online accounting and invoicing tools designed specifically for small businesses, this online only platform gives you instant access to ALL of the invoicing and accounting tools you need to keep on top of your business and its finances. On top of that, these tools have been designed to be as easy to use as possible, giving you the opportunity to better understand your finances without having a lot of specialized knowledge in this particular area.

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Far and away the most popular invoicing and accounting solution for businesses large and small, QuickBooks has been the gold standard for keeping on top of your finances and taking control of your invoicing for years and years now – and it only gets better with every new update. You’ll be able to effortlessly keep track of your receivables and expenses, account for all of your finances on-the-fly with real-time updates, and integrate third-party applications with QuickBooks to streamline the system to fit your specific needs.

Fresh books

Another popular cloud-based accounting solution, more than 5 million people around the world are taking advantage of everything that Fresh books brings to the table. This particular platform is lightweight, streamlined, and very simple to get used to. You don’t need a fancy finance degree to understand the options available, and the invoicing process in Fresh books is perhaps the most straightforward of them all.


Small businesses – especially startups – are almost always bootstrapped, and getting your hands on cash and capital to extend to and grow your business from the inside out can be a bit of a tall task regardless of your specific situation. Taking advantage of top-flight tools can get very expensive in a hurry, which is why Wave has become so popular – it’s 100% free of charge to use!

Simple, straightforward, and effortless to get started with, you’ll only have to pay to use the Payroll Management options in Wave. But if you never decide to take advantage of those specific tools this platform remains completely free of charge no matter what.

At the end of the day, these invoicing solutions are everything you need to hit the ground running. You’ll be able to streamline your invoicing process, improve your invoicing process, and gain better control over your cash flow and your finances in a way that you wouldn’t have been able to before.

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