Breaking of rules in an organization by employees is common; sometimes employees report late to work or have casual work relationships with co-workers. These are often dealt with simple solutions. However, committing fraudulent actions is a serious matter that requires urgent attention. An employee who even attempts an act of scam in the organization is one that should not be tolerated at all costs Such an employee possess a threat to the existence of your agencies and can cause the organization some severe damage. This issue of employee fraud should in addressed following a particular protocol .

Obtain adequate information and evidence

Before confronting the accused employee, it is important first to conduct a personal research to evaluate whether the accusations are true or not. It would be disrespectful to blame an employee who would turn out to be innocent. The employer-employee relation would be destroyed entirely hence the need to research and acquire evidence. If the accusations were made by another employee, it is essential to ensure the employee gives a full detailed report of his allegations either in writing or recorded as sufficient witness evidence. If the allegations were made by a customer, it is also vital to ensure the customer reports on these allegations. You can also perform a background check on the employee to ascertain whether he has a history of committing such actions. This can be used as evidence to support the claims in case pressing of criminal charges will be necessary. You can also acquire CCTV camera footages if you have any in your workplace. This will be the ultimate proof of the employee committing the offence if it was conducted on the workplace grounds.

Address the matter

After gathering the evidence and conducting a research, it is now time to deal with the issue. You can start by summoning the employee to your office. This will be the appropriate place to discuss the offense. You should then inform the employee of the allegations made against him and allow him an opportunity to defend himself. If the employee denies the accusations made against him, the next step is to present the evidence found to support your claims. It is essential to convince the employee to give information on whether he had done it before, how many times and his intentions towards the offense. The employee could have had an accomplice hence it’s important to drive that information out. If the employee admits to all the claims and gives the additional information, it’s also important to record it for further decisions concerning the matter.

The solution

After obtaining all this knowledge, a decision is due. In case the employee fraud committed is minor and did not cause the organization massive losses, it would be wise to let the matter go. However, the employee cannot continue working on the premises as he is a threat to the organization. The employee should then be released from his duties in the workplace. In the case where the offense is great and could or had cause the company significant losses, pressing of criminal charges is the most relevant action to take.

An employee who commits such an offense should not be tolerated under any circumstances as they could damage not only the organization’s reputation but also the organization finances. The organization can also take measures to ensure that such crimes do not occur in the workplace.