A Laundromat is a coin laundry service where people usually get their clothes washed with minimum professional help. If you’re thinking about buying a Laundromat, setting up one, or investing in one, you must know what kind of a Laundromat people really want. If you focus on the factors that are more important to your potential customers, you can retain your customer base as well as expand it rapidly. So, what are the things that people look for in a Laundromat or laundry service?

According to a study done by the Coin Laundry Association, the major factors that influence people’s Laundromat choice are:


It is very important that you have a security guard or a CCTV camera in your Laundromat since anybody can come and use the place anytime and especially late at night if it’s a 24 hour laundry. You don’t want your customers to get robbed because there is no proper security in your Laundromat, right? The best thing you can do is to keep the place lit well, as long as it is open. Try not to grow a lot of trees or bushes around the building so that it is in an open space. Also, make sure that your Laundromat is located somewhere near a road and not in a shady corner.


Nobody would want to wash their clothes in a place that’s dirty and messy. Even though there’s not much help required in running a Laundromat, make sure that you get the place cleaned at least twice in a day. Otherwise, things like socks, handkerchiefs, and plastic covers can get stuck and clog the drain.

24 hour laundry

Number of machines

People hate to wait. If you don’t have enough number of machines, it will be difficult for your customers since they will have to wait till the machines are free. Most of the people who come to a Laundromat are quite busy and they wouldn’t want to sulk waiting for someone else to finish washing their clothes.


If there is more than one Laundromat in a neighborhood, people will go to the one which offers the service at a lower cost unless there’s something exceptionally great about the others.

Distance from home

Make sure that your Laundromat is not very far from the nearest neighborhood. It should be somewhere in the middle of the neighborhood where everyone can reach easily.

Store hours

A 24 hour laundry is the best kind of service you can provide especially if the neighborhood you’re targeting has people who go to office regularly. A 24 hour laundry will help them get their clothes washed when they are free after work.

Capacity of machines

Each machine should have good capacity which will ensure that a reasonable amount of clothes can be washed in a batch. Otherwise, people will think that your Laundromat is just draining their money.


It’s very difficult for customers to carry their clothes and walk to your Laundromat from a parking place that’s far from the building. So, it’s best that you have your own parking space.