Condominium or condo is the ownership of buildings or building rights. The condo is different with the apartment. The condo is more subjective to the right to use the building, while the apartment is more subjective to the physical building. For most property entrepreneurs, a condo business is very profitable. They could have a condo but they can rent it out to others. Today, many people are interested in a property business, especially condo. Many property entrepreneurs are building condos in the middle of the city and strategically located. The Jovell City Developments Limited builds a luxurious condo located in a strategic place around the Changi area.

The Jovell City Developments Limited

Does The Jovell Condo Have a Pretty Cheap Price?

The Jovell Condo offers an ideal dwelling for those of you who love modern life. The Jovell Condo is built amidst parks and some of Changi’s famous attractions. Property prices in downtown places are quite expensive, but you do not have to worry about it. The government has recently promoted the property market so that it will remain in place from time to time. For that, The Jovell City Developments Limited offers a fairly affordable price for you. Compared to Tampines Junior College, the price of The Jovell Condo is cheaper. With an affordable price, you will be able to stay in the city center and close to public places like the airport or entertainment center. In addition, there are many facilities offered by The Jovell Condo such as tennis court, swimming pool, and gym.

Why Better Stay At The Jovell Condo?

The Jovell Condo is a condo built by The Jovell City Developments Ltd located in a very strategic place surrounded by city parks. Why Is the Jovell Condo the right place for you? Some of the reasons are:

  • Offers the ideal home for you
  • There is an Olympic-size swimming pool that you can use to swim with your family
  • There are a tennis court and gym for those of you who love the indoor and outdoor sports
  • Close to The Changi Jewel which is the entertainment center
  • Prices are very affordable compared to property prices near Tampines Junior College