There are so many different types of wrenches available in the market that you can easily get confused which one to use. Each one of those wrenches is designed to fulfill specific purposes. At times, you may be tempted to buy a complete set but you got to know the application of each one of them. The following is a complete guide to different types of wrenches and their application. If you have made up your mind to buy one or complete set, you can go through ToolsDuty Buyer Guide for better purchase.

Combination Wrench

Different Types of Wrenches:

Box-End Wrench – A box-end wrench has its head enclosed such that it offers better grip on the bolt or the nut. They are generally used when the nut or bolt is small and an open-end wrench will not give a good leverage to turn them easily. But when you buy a box-end wrench, you have to be accurate about the specification of the nut or bolt to buy the size accordingly.

Open-End Wrench – It is the most widely used wrenches across the globe. Just like box-end wrenches, you have to be specific about specification and size but there are some open-end wrenches available now that are adjustable. There are different variants available like ratcheting wrenches or flare nut wrenches and you got to buy depending on which item you are going to apply it.

Combination Wrench – It is always a better option to opt for a combination wrench whose one end is box-end while the other end is open-end. Both the ends have the same size and depending on the surrounding of your work, you can use them alternatively for convenience. It is extremely useful when you work on a machinery to access remote areas without changing the wrench. It is slightly higher in price thanks to its dual usage. If you are planning to buy any of these wrenches, you should first go through toolsduty buyer guide to make a better choice.

Torque Wrench – A torque wrench is designed to attain the desired torque and it has a dial on the handle to adjust the torque as per requirement. They are generally used on fasteners and some of them have audible sound or visual display to let the user know that the desired torque has been achieved. Furthermore, there are different unit systems available for convenience and wider application.

Adjustable Wrench – They are commonly referred to as C-wrench and there are two variants available locking and non-licking adjustable wrench. The locking one has an adjustable head and it has an option to grip the screw better in a desirable position. There is no need of constant readjustment as it is the case with a non-locking adjustable wrench.

Apart from these, there are pipe wrenches that are designed for screwing pipes into threaded items. There are hex-key wrenches that are generally shot and has L-shape and they are perfect for nuts and bolts with hexagonal heads. Chain wrenches and ratchet wrenches are also quite popular and have different applications.