Famously called as Polygraph, which can be used to find out the people’s circulatory strain, heartbeat, beat among others while cross-examining the individual. Typically, they set forward tricky inquiry as that would potentially boggle the brain of the individual being cross-examined and also, the individual being grilled will give some abnormal mentally shaken reaction that really triggers his internal subliminal and he demonstrates a similar response. The control question test, generally called the presumable lie test, was created to fight the issues with the germane irrelevant testing strategy. Lying is a defense mechanism for most of the people. They try to make it work as a shield for protection and deny to put down the same. They hesitate to display their true self and through the lie that they speak they feel that they are inside a cocoon and they are never going to get out of the same. So, lying becomes an easy business for them. With the inception of lie detector it has been difficult for the people to lie one another as this human made machine has the capability of catching the one who lies. But in most cases, this fails as the machine is not true in its entirety after all it is a human made machine and has got its own flaws.

Lie detector

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After the inception of the human made machine, it has been easier for the intelligence unit and other agents for catching the perpetrators as they fail to the intelligence incorporate in the machine. UK Lie detector agency has made the task easier for catching their perpetrator. The lie detector agency in the UK has gained expertise over certain things. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • During any sort of dispute that has arisen between the parties and one of the party has committed fraud against another then, in that case, this test can be used by the other party in order to know whether the other party had the capability of committing the act he has been accused of or not.
  • In case of any sort of marriage breakdown or infidelity. If an individual accuses another of infidelity then, in that case, the person who has been accused of the infidelity has to undergo the test.
  • In case of terrorism, burglary or theft test, we have the specific test for each of them.

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