In this article you will find all the information you need to obtain information about the energy performance certificate. The owners always require energy performance certificates. This type of certificate is necessary for internal and commercial use. There are several different types of EPC, including EPC for residential use, EPC display and commercial EPC. All EPC must be issued by an accredited internal energy expert (DEA).

In the EPC review, the DEA will consider the five main elements as follows:

• How the property is built
• How space is heated
• How water is heated
• How the property is highlighted
• What ventilation systems are installed

Certificates are delivered 48 hours after verification. Energy performance index rated by the A-G, A, of course, the best and worst G, and now the average UK score is E. The evaluation is important because it will help you decide the price of the house. This will also increase the value of your building. The EPC’s best rating statement will boost the cost of the building. You can save a lot of money by getting a higher qualification certificate. Along with each certificate should also be a recommendation that can be made to improve the energy performance of buildings and comparison with buildings of the same type. When the energy consumption is reduced, the amount of carbon dioxide released is automatically limited.

energy performance certificate

Importance of energy performance certificate

You must obtain an energy performance certificate when asking about the purchase or rental of a home. You will have to provide it if you sell or deliver your home, and the certificate is valid for ten years. Currently, the cost of the evaluation is 40-60, and the energy performance certificate will show a potential rating of what can be evaluated from the point of energy performance, if improvements are recommended, and highlight the profitable ways to achieve a better rating. .

EPC is mandatory for all owners. This became mandatory from October 1, 2008 and is a legitimate necessity to provide all new guests in England and Wales. These certificates are not valid for any building that is not for personal use. These types of certificates are valid for only 10 years. This certificate is granted to the owner of the house by a certified energy specialist.


If you do not know all these things, you can even consult with the depository agents present in your area. They can give you excellent recommendations to increase your rates on energy performance certificates. The best way is to look at Internet agents in your area that cover a certain type of construction, which requires a certificate, and look for special requirements, such as the use of air conditioners, as they require additional requirements and the need for a specialized consultation.