PO boxes or the post office box was among the first features established by local post offices to properly service the clientele of the whole community. In the past, there were several homes and certain addresses that can’t easily be reached by a courier for the door-to-door delivery of mails and parcels. This is what most PO boxes are for. But with modernization, it’s easier to reach specific places and have their mail delivered. Because of this, there’s been a decline in the use of post office services altogether.

Many are currently using virtual mailing systems. But that doesn’t mean that traditional mails aren’t being used. For many companies and businesses, this is still a necessary means for correspondence. Hence, the function of PO boxes evolved from something created out of necessity to something more functional and flexible. Below are the most common reasons why others have decided to rent boxes and why this can be a good choice for many.

Security of packages and mails. There’s a personalized key for every box. The only individuals who have access are security personnel from the office and the person renting the box. The personnel from the post office aren’t allowed to open it as well, unless necessary. And post offices have their own security measures since they have parcels and boxes in there. Rest assured, your mail is safe.  

 Guaranteed privacy. There are instances when your privacy is more important than the convenience of having mail delivered directly. Others are very particular about this arrangement. They don’t want other people to know about their address and don’t want their privacy to be disturbed. Some also want to choose the boxes since there are letters that shouldn’t be seen by people from your area or from the home. It can be a parcel that contains a surprise or it can also be a mail with specific information. Whatever it is, the PO box can protect privacy properly. If you have the key alone, others won’t be able to view the box.

Fee flexibility. There are many who have the choice of having their mail delivered directly. But they have decided against it because delivering a certain parcel to your doorstep will cost more. Most people want to save more. It’s financially advantageous to start with PO boxes. UK Postbox, for instance, will not charge any box rental provided that you pay for the mail servicing and processing. You don’t have to worry about additional expenses any more.

Among all the post offices offering mailing services, UK Postbox is considered one of the best options. Their choices for PO Box London are free provided that you sign up for an account with them. This means no rental fees for PO boxes. You’ll only pay for the mail servicing. On top of that, they service and have offices in most major UK cities. You just have to choose a city of choice.