What is Zinc Carbonate?

Zinc Carbonate (ZnCO3), is commonly known as smithsonite. It is an ore that enclosed the metal zinc. It was named after the English scientist James Smithson, he created the Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C. Zinc Carbonate has numerous uses such as in health care, architecture, electronics and construction.

Uses of Zinc Carbonate

One of the most important role of zinc carbonate is when zinc metal separated from the ore. Zinc is a bluish-gray type of metal wherein it reverses to air and water decomposed. It also plays as good transmitter of electricity. It is usually used as barrier on iron and steels protecting them from dilapidation.

Zinc carbonate can be used on chemicals, paint pigments and agriculture-related stuffs. It is also present in zinc anodes also known as batteries used on appliances, TV monitors and lightings.

Zinc Carbonate or Smithsonite is commonly used on production of accessories and jewelries. When smithsonite is polished into a gem, it looks like a blue-green circular habit with a feathery luster. Copper’s grime often boost the appearance of the mineral. When smithsonite was sold as jewel, it is often called as “Bonamite”. Bonamite sometimes mislead as jade but it has no relation to Zinc Carbonate.

Zinc is known as an indispensable mineral both in human and animal life. It pass through our body to process food and nutrients supporting the activity of key enzymes. Zinc is also one of the basic requirements of sexual maturation in skin and bone growth. In accordance to this, Zinc Carbonate is considered as one of the essential role in Chinese medicine. Smithsonite is commonly used to cure stomach and liver abnormalities.

Zinc Carbonate is usually bought enclosed in an amount of 25kg in a woven bag secured with PE liner and one more inner bag. It appears white to light yellow powderized product. It has high area ranged measuring 25-40 M2/g giving delicacy to its benefits. It is often used on rubber products to fasten the transparency of the product. It is also advisable for transparent items, color and EVA sponge products.

There are several companies that produces zinc. Currently, many companies produce various type of zinc. It only varies by price and quality.


The usage of Zinc Carbonate depends on what field you’ll going to use it. You can adopt it in several ways. It is considered as one of the essential elements for everyday usage. Whether it is for health, jewelries and plastic items, zinc carbonate truly plays as significant role in our daily lives.