Everyone wants to earn profit on savings. There are many ways to do so.  A simple solution is to deposit the savings in bank. But this ides is too traditional and not much gain can be earned by this. The other option can be investing in market. The second option is more gainful and feasible. Investing in market is a good option because it is more flexible option for investors than bank deposit. One can invest by making portfolio. A portfolio investment is one in which an investor simultaneously invests in different securities, such as share bonds or debentures, of different companies. According to needs and preference as well as the market trends, one make portfolio and invest accordingly. It is a smart and less risky play. There are many brokers’ as well online websites facilitating it. Such website offers good interest rates along with annuity. Annuity is an amount paid on regular basis for a fixed period of time. It is paid for investment or insurance agreement. Annuity is very useful because it is tax deferral, which means the amount contributed toward annuity is not taxed. It is a long term investment which is majorly issued by an insurance company. There is a lot of potential in annuity market. Its main objective is to protect one of outliving income. But it is quite complex as feesand commission are too high and the products are very complicated.  One such site is Benjamin.com.

What is Benjamin?

Benjamin .com is a site which deals with annuity market.  It was founded by Sam Abbas. Its basic aim is to provide a simple annuity product to the customers without much complication.it helps investors to participate in market activities without incurring losses. It is based upon investing majorly in bonds and shares. It uses good strategies for benefiting its customers.

As compared to other startups, the cost here are very low approximately 0.09%. It is a platform which stick with minimum cost maximum gains concept. Even one is novice in the investing field they help to learn more about the market by providing comprehensive details.

It helps investors in creating such portfolio which never loses money and participate in market. Investing money in market is a risky but it is guaranteed by Benjamin. Their guarantee is backed by states guarantee. The strategies used by this startup are used by many sophisticated institutions. Their basic aim is to provide benefit to anyone from this same idea at a low fee.

Investments along with annuity product are beneficial for all the investors. These are the great source of fetching huge profits with some securities there are many institutions and startups working toward it to make it more profitable for investors. Learn more.