Good lending companies should be flexible in their services. They should attach simple terms and conditions to their loans and also provide various payment methods to the client; that is, the client should be able to collect the loan via any convenient means.

Virtually all the lending houses operating in Canada can deposit the money into your bank account directly. Some other ones will transfer the fund into your pre-paid or virtual visa card so that you can spend directly if you so desire.

Furthermore, some lending houses offer bitcoin loan service. However, not all lending houses offer this kind of special service.  If you prefer to receive your loan money in the form of bitcoin, you can easily locate any of the lending houses providing such a special service in Canada. Bear in mind that bitcoin is a form of investment and receiving your money in bitcoin may be a good way to invest the loan and make some profit off the investment.

Aside from bitcoin loan offer, you should also check if the lending house complies with the points mentioned below.

bitcoin loan

Be wary of incentives

Some lending houses do offer incentives like easy borrowing terms and limited credit checks. These offers may sound like the best things in the world, but you must be careful and not fall into a trap. Many of those offering such incentives may be covering up the faults of their organization; it may be that they do not engage in the standard lending practice, hence their effort to deceive the client into taking a loan from them.

However, the incentives may be a plus if you are sure that you can pay off the loan when due.  On the other hand, you may have to think twice about those incentives if you have repayment problems. Do not go for them until you have ascertained the reputation of that lending outlet.

Watch out for multiple loan practice      

If the government restrict the maximum amount that can be paid as a bitcoin loan, some lending houses will bear the loan down into small portions so that you can get multiples of the limit. This practice enables them to charge fees and set due dates that can violate the law.  You should be very careful before you accept the suggestion or the lending house to create multiple loans out of one loan for you.

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