In the modern era, many people especially youngster and adults are attracting towards the fitness industry. Now, Most of the people love to make a career in the fitness industry. Many people become a freelance personal trainer or either they join someone fitness business. The Fitness Gold is sub-brand of Salon Fitness which has the huge knowledge of fitness industry and tries to make better policy for personal trainers. This policy will help personal trainers from any kind of unexpected injury or damage to property. The personal training insurance policy starts from 60 euro and you can also change something in that policy as per your business need. If you are also thinking of purchasing a Personal training insurance, then must visit the official website of Fitness Gold.

An insurance policy is very important for a personal trainer because the compensation fee is very costly and they also have to pay the legal fee. Injury can happen for various reasons like clients negligence, using the wrong equipment, wrong workout, and bad posture. So that’s why Personal training insurance is most needed in the fitness industry to cover all claims and bills in an easy way. The Fitness Gold is a U.K company which provides an insurance policy for personal trainers and their plans are very beneficial for trainers.


Personal training insurance

  • Public: In this insurance policy it covers all kind of injuries which happens due to the negligence of anyone to your body and business. This insurance policy also covers the damage to property by the third
  • Employers: It is very beneficial for business or companies owners because sometimes employees get injured during office hours. Many times employees will try to get compensations from owners for their injury.
  • Malpractice: This policy is for those who want to take both public and professional insurance policy. In this insurance policy, it will cover the claims like mental injury, damage, and
  • Personal: In this insurance policy, it will pay the amount of 10000 per person to cover the claim. If you lost your fingers or hands during work, then this policy is very beneficial for you.
  • Product: This policy covers the damage of your body and properties by someone products, so form this policy you will easily get the claim for your damage.

In Fitness Gold It will cover different types of fitness activities which are given below:

  1. Bellyfit
  2. Fitball
  3. Aqua Zumba
  4. Boxercise
  5. Parkour
  6. Fitness fx
  7. Golf biomechanics
  8. Rebounding
  9. Circuit training
  10. Power plate

Fitness Gold is the biggest company to provide the different types of insurance policy for Fitness instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer and many more. Their Personal training insurance policy provides the immense benefit to the fitness industry and personal trainer.