Moving is an exhausting experience but when you finally settle everything, you will learn to appreciate the experience especially if you see how beautiful and comfortable your new house is. You already created a checklist and even the timeline. However, there is one more thing that needs to be contemplated – moving budget.

Making a moving budget is important if you want to save money on your move. You surely considered the cost of renting a truck or moving company, buying packing supplies and hiring packing service but there are more costs and fees involved. You have to confirm other fees because the costs may quickly add up without you knowing. You need to know other possible fees and costs so you can budget accordingly.

Cost of travel to your new abode
The first thing that you should consider is the cost of travel to your new abode. If you hire moving company, most likely you will need to get to your new home on your own. When considering this, you should include in your budget travel costs like meals, gas, and hotels – if you are planning on driving.

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If you are flying, you should consider the cost of the plane ticket, taxi fare from the airport to your new home, airport fees and extra luggage. If you are bringing your pets, you should also consider veterinarian fees and the carrier costs.

Moving insurance
You should know that moving companies typically provide the moving insurance. However, the standard rate is not enough to replace small and valuable items like glass, crystal or porcelain. Keep in mind that the standard insurance is dependent on weight. For instance, some companies offer 60 cents per pound of insurance.

This is not enough. If you are worried about your goods, it is a prudent idea to seek out additional insurance. For this, you will have peace of mind when your goods or items are in transit.

Cost of repair
If you plan to sell your home, you should conduct repair to entice buyers. With this, you should include the cost of repair in your moving budget – no matter how small. For repairs, you need to hire someone and buy some materials to fix things. It is better to hire professional repairmen to ensure that they are fixing efficiently.

Cleaning the house
Whether you are moving out from a rental or house, it is a basic courtesy to clean it. You have to set a budget because cleaning will take money and time. If you consider hiring a cleaning company, you will be assured that the job gets done appropriately. Your goal here is to transform the space back into its original state. Of course, if you are tight on budget, you can do the cleaning but it will take time. For professional cleaners, it will only take less than a day to clean everything thoroughly.

Setting your budget can help you successfully move. Moving is indeed costly but it is all worth it when you see the new house and start fresh. It is better to plan ahead because costs can add up fast.