For just Rs 199 per recharge, you get access to quality TV and film content, unlimited calling and a high amount of daily data – only with Airtel recharge.

It is an undeniable fact that web-enabled phones are the century’s greatest technological offering. The mobile phone today does everything, short of standing in queue for you at the bank or making a cup of tea for you! Purists would argue that a mobile phone must only be used for calling and texting. But in an age where time is a luxury and money comes at a premium, users prefer to have just one handheld device that does a variety of everyday jobs at a really low cost.

Take, for instance, the prepaid SIM-enabled mobile phones. Earlier iterations of prepaid plans offered less data and limited talk time, so you would end up recharging the phone often. But today, mobile recharge online is one of the simplest, most basic tasks you associate with a prepaid phone connection. Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, you also get a whole host of benefits for recharging your connection, provided you have teamed up with the right service provider.

You’ll know what we’re referring to if you are an Airtel prepaid customer. All you need to do is complete the mobile online recharge for just Rs 199 and unlock a whole world of benefits that you’ve never experienced before.

Rs 199 and the world at your fingertips

Most mobile online recharge plans are affordably priced, but they are not always packed with the kind of features you are looking for. Not so with the Airtel Rs 199 plan.

  • For just Rs 199 per mobile online recharge, you become eligible for free access to the Airtel TV app. This means that you can enjoy a whole new world of premium and original TV and film content from Zee 5. If it’s a popular or trending show or film, you can be certain that it’s on Zee 5 and Airtel TV. Now with your Rs 199 mobile recharge online, you can watch all the films and TV shows you’ve missed and all the latest content as well.
  • If the promise of premium TV and film content is not enough, check out the other benefits of the Airtel Rs 199 mobile online recharge plan. It offers 1.4 GB 4G data per day, for a pack validity of 28 days. If you are currently consuming less than 1 GB data per day, then this is certainly the plan for you.
  • The plan gives you unlimited calling (Local, STD, outgoing and incoming roaming) and 100 free SMSs per day.
  • You also have the freedom to choose a higher validity pack when you next do the mobile recharge online.

Why wait? Get the Airtel prepaid advantage on your phone today.