Managing your finances is not always easy in today’s current ecomical climate. There are so many ways that you can end losing money if you invest it in the wrong place or just mismanage your financial accounts. In this guide, we are going to look at some of the ways you can make sure you manage your finances correctly.

Look for High Interest Savings Accounts

Now one of the hardest accounts to find is a high interest savings account these days. This is because the monetary policies of most governments these days applies low national interest rates. The banks then have to apply internest rates to loans, which in turn means they need tighten up their budgets in other areas of their banking services.

This usually means reducing the interest paid to customers that have savings accounts with the bank. As a result, there are not many savings accounts that offer high interest rates. On the other hand, because the world economy has been offering such low rates of interest there are some banks out there offering packages for those that have a minimum amount of savings.

Most of these banks are online entities. They do not have land-based branches to pay rent on and very few assets to manage. These banks can therefore offer reasonable interest rates.

Make Sure Your Investment is Safe From Fraud

Look for services that offer privacidad en internet in Spain because they will protect your cryptocurrency transactions if you are logging onto your crypto account from any public or work WiFi system.

Never feel safe using your work WiFi to make cryptocurrency transactions. Crypto thieves are very clever. If you have advertised the fact you won cryptocurrency at work, there may be someone there that knows a hacker or knows how to hack your information.

On top of this, in large companies, hackers pay those in charge of company networks to listen on the network for cryptocurrency related traffic. The information can be sent back to the hacker who rewards the IT personnel participating in the fraud. This is actually a very common way to defraud people of their crypto.

Never deal with any cryptocurrency transactions while using WiFi outside of your home or phone’s private 4G network is the general rule of thumb here. If you do feel that you need to make an urgent trade, and you need to do this via a WiFi in a restaurant or at a train station, then make sure you use a safe and secure VPN software provider to do this.

Do You Invest in Crypto? Be Careful!

There has been a huge surge in cryptocurrency crimes since the value of cryptocurrencies began to rise in 2017. Even with the steady decline of the high digital currency values we saw in Q4 of 2017 and Q1 of 2018, cryptocurrency criminals are still on the rise. They don’t care about the value of crypto because as long as they are able to hack the currency, the virtual currency they get is free.

What is surprising is the story behind most hacks that occur. It usually goes along the lines of being careless with their username and password to their crypto wallet.

Spain was one of the worst affected countries in terms of the percentage of crypto frauds versus the number of people that claim to own crypto in the country. For some reason, the Spanish crypto community seemed to be very relaxed about the way in which they implement security on their accounts.

Now if you take into account Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, of course Spain itself is going to be a prime target for Spanish speaking hackers. They can read emails in Spanish, read computer files written in Spanish and easily navigate a person’s account and hack passwords because a Spanish speaking hacker knows exactly what to look for.

In the end, Spain became known as a country of people not taking their online security seriously. The inevitable result of this meant an increased number of cryptocurrency thefts being reported over 2018.