There are different types of the best MIG welders available in the market. Regardless of your needs, you need to get the right one when buying your welder. If you have previous welding experience, then you might know what a great MIG welder is. But, if this will be your first buy, you need practical information to assist in your choice. There are welder type machines that can handle all the work you have but, they can be costly. For most cases, these tools have more power than you need. So, it can be best to understand what you need to get the right tool. Welding situations are different, consider the features when buying a new MIG welder.

Determine The Power You Need

When buying for a new MIG welder, you need to determine how much power you need to weld. For the basic welder that you usually use at home will run at 115 volts. Note that this welder type can handle and melt only thin metals. If you are using it for thicker metals, it might not work. You need to jump to a more powerful industrial MIG welder, and for most cases, this type provides the high power. Also, don’t compare the prices as it would vary depending on the power it can produce. Thus, make sure to look for the feature that you most need before you buy any welder type. This way, you are saving the cost that you might spend on powerful welder which you don’t need.

The Range of Projects

If you are buying a new welder for industrial use, you need to get a welder with a wide range of projects. The all-in-one welder type can operate at either 120 V or 230 V, and mostly they come with a switch. The switch will allow you to choose either a low voltage plug or a high voltage plug to get it started. Its price will also vary and for the most affordable type are those with fewer features.

MIG Welder Features

  • Spool Gun. For aluminum welding, you need a spool gun. This is one of the important features that you should not miss. The spool gun will attach to the torch handle and feeds the aluminum filler. This makes the work safer as the aluminum tends to get tangled using the standard wire feed spool. If the welder doesn’t have a spool gun, see if there is an at least amount inch where you can place it.
  • Thermal Overload Protection. This is also an important feature to abstain the MIG welder from overheating. Any glitches in your welder could cause a thermal overload which sounds bad as is it. But, remember this thermal overload protection could turn your welder a bit costly.

When buying a new MIG welder, the brand also matter. Consider those manufacturers who are quite in the industry to ensure a quality safe tool. You can also base your choice on the best brands. Having this said, most top welder brands are actually made with sturdy machines. They might come with a price but, they are those machine types that will be a sound investment.