Are you wondering if you should stick to a prepaid connection or switch to postpaid? Let’s help you decide.

Most people’s first mobile phone plan is a prepaid one, and they later move on to a postpaid plan. But there are also a lot of phone users who opt for prepaid packs instead of postpaid connections. Today, there is very little to differentiate a postpaid connection from a prepaid one. And yet, you wonder if you should switch to a postpaid connection, and how different the phone usage experience will be with a postpaid plan.

The question to ask is, do you really need to switch, or are you better served with a prepaid plan?

Prepaid: Why it probably makes more sense for you

It appears that almost every person you knowONLINE MOBILE RECHARGE has a postpaid phone connection. You wonder if you should get it soon. But here’s the thing: do you really need it?

You probably stuck with a prepaid connection till date because you are not a heavy phone user. You use your phone just to make calls or text/IM your contacts. If you want to watch movies or videos, you switch to your laptop or TV set. It hardly ever happens that you use your phone data to live stream sports matches or watch TV shows. So, your daily data needs are quite modest as well. Besides, you know exactly what you are paying for – there are never any bill shocks with a prepaid connection, the way it can happen with a postpaid one! If you happen to run out of data or need a pack upgrade, you can just choose another prepaid pack.

In this scenario, you are well served with a good mobile recharge plan that offers you about 1.4 GB per day, good network speeds and always-on connectivity. Do get the prepaid plan from a leading service provider, so that you are assured of fast data transmission speeds all the time.

How to choose the right mobile recharge plan

Your phone can only work efficiently if it is backed by a good phone plan. If you are looking for a good mobile recharge plan, look out for:

  • Reasonably priced packs
  • Multiple options between recharge packs
  • Easy recharge options online
  • Opportunity to choose a different pack during mobile recharge
  • Excellent data transmission speeds and always-on connectivity
  • Sufficient daily data quota
  • Sufficient pack validity
  • Cashback and discounts on recharging the pack

Leading mobile recharge packs can be purchased online, but the SIM card is activated only after your KYC process is completed. After activation, you can start using the prepaid pack and recharge it whenever necessary.