In several parts of the world, shopping is seen not only as a necessary activity but also as a recreation. Even when I was younger, I liked to go to shopping malls and just browse through different items over a stretched period of time. Everything I looked at, I wanted to buy it, yet unfortunately, at that age, I had no money.  But today, not just me, but literally nobody likes to go out and shop like they used to. The idea of traveling for hours along with browsing through actual items over an extended period of time doesn’t quite suit us anymore. We’d rather sit in the comfort of our homes and browse through our social media accounts in that time.

But it is also possible for you to shop and earn through social media. It does sound like a dream, but it is definitely true. We have all heard of online shopping sites; like Amazon, and eBay. Yet there is another shopping site by the name of Trunited that allows you to shop for various things online, and the best part is that they pay you for that as well.

What Is A Socomm Website And Trunited?

Trunited is a SoComm or Socializing Commerce website. A SoComm or Socializing Community website is a website that pays you to shop or buy stuff from their website. They have an amazing array of articles which you can buy, and for every article, there is a certain percentage allotted that is added to your Trunited piggy bank at the end of the month. The money that you receive is given by loyal brands that you buy your articles from, and the brands are popularized with the help of social media. With every article that you buy and every person you bring to this platform, you get the added amount of money that is delivered to you. The more people they bring and the more people that get to be familiarized with this SoComm website, add to your existing money in your piggy bank.

Earn By Shopping

Is There Any Guarantee That Trunited Will Pay?

Trunited has already paid over a million dollars to its loyal customers. It has excellent reviews and if you wish to buy articles and get paid for it, Trunited is the best SoComm website that will pay you as much as $500 every month (depending on your purchase).

How Can Someone Connect To The Platform?

Connecting to the platform is very simple and free of cost. Once you register through Trunited, all you have to do is tell people that you know, that could be your friends or your family members and relatives about the Trunited platform. Once they too are interested to join, ask them to add your name in the “referred to” section. You can also send them a personal link to join using a custom URL and your name will be automatically added in.


Trunited is one of the best SoComm websites around that can get you an extra amount of money for just shopping and sharing this site.