The trend of the startup industry is taking over the world these days. The startup is a business plan which provides the solution of a problem or invents a new product which did not exist in this world before. If we see a few years back we will see a number of the startup which changes the thinking process of the business community with their success.

There is lot of startup in the past few years which get extraordinary growth in very limited time. These new ideas required a lot more effort than the existing business categories. Because most of them face many problems to even create their target market like Amazon. When Amazon starts its operations there are very fewer people who want to buy things online. They want to shop in malls rather than online websites. But as time passes they will succeed in their business and people prefer buying online than physical shopping.

Then we have the example of uber and creem startup. It’s basically a service providing companies regarding transportation. But the involvement of technology in their startup make them so successful that after Amazon they are the one who gets so much growth in very limited time. What they do they develop an app which connects the driver and the customer through this app. You don’t have to find transport for traveling on the road now what you have to do. Just open this app in your mobile send a request the nearest driver will accept your request and reach you pin location through GPRS technology.

The success of this startup somehow depends on the advancement of technology as well. All these new startups involve technology as their basic business model ingredient. Now as startup trend is so popular in the world everyone wants to initiate their own startup but could not find proper guideline and coaching. So there are several companies like Centre For Social Innovation in Toronto which provide these services to new startups.

Services provided by these companies:

These companies provide different kind of services to these new startups which will help them grow in the market. As we know the people who start a new business have the best idea but less financial resources. So these companies provide the funding for their startup or help them to get it from other resources. These companies provide them space to run their operations as well.

Every new startup is mostly initiated by young and new students because they have fresh ideas. But as we all now experience counts everywhere so these new businessmen have less market experience. They have a good idea a good business model but lack of market knowledge and research. So these companies provide them help in this department. They will provide the training and workshops related to their projects from experienced persons. So they will do the best in the market. These companies will help them in pre-incubation preparation as well where they came up with a rough idea. These companies provide them help to polish their idea and make it feasible for the market as well.