Want to make sure potential customers and clients remember you? Read on for 5 awesome promotional giveaway ideas people will love!

Have you thought about using promotional items to make your business stand out?

There are a lot of reasons to use promotional items. They’re a great compliment to other forms of marketing and help people remember your company.

The question then becomes which promotional products you should use to promote your business. Read on to find out about the top promotional giveaway ideas you can use.


How many times have you needed a pen but couldn’t find one? It seems that people are always losing or misplacing pens. We let people borrow them and they walk off.

Pens are a great promotional giveaway idea because everyone can use it. Everyone, from business people to students, needs a pen at some point during the day.

Water Bottles

If you’re at a trade show or event, odds are people are going to want to have a drink of water at some point. This is the perfect way to be helpful and make sure that attendees remember your brand. All you have to do is pick up water bottles and print labels for water bottles.


A well-designed t-shirt can be stylish and something that people would want to wear. You can promote your brand to both the person you give the shirt to and anyone that sees them wearing it.

The great thing about t-shirts is that people hang on to them for a long time. That means more wears and more impressions for your business at a low cost.

Power Banks

Almost everyone has had to deal with a low phone battery while they’re away from a charger. Instead of trying to find an outlet, you can use a power bank.

Giving away branded power banks is a great option, especially if you combine it with a tagline that’s power related.

Which Promotional Giveaway Ideas Should You Choose?

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

There are countless promotional giveaway ideas you can use to promote your brand. Which one should you choose?

You should always choose a promotional product that your audience will find useful.

For example, if you’re promoting a fitness studio, you don’t want to give gymgoers a USB drive. That’s not related to what they do or how they would associate with your brand.

Something like a branded yoga mat, water bottle, or t-shirt would be appropriate. They can use them during their workouts.

Likewise, a business executive would use the USB drive or a pen. They may be more inclined to wear a polo shirt or a golf shirt on casual days.

Using Promotional Products

It’s harder to make your company stand out now that businesses work with clients online. There’s a lot more competition than there used to be. Promotional items are a great way to help potential customers remember your brand.

There are many promotional giveaway ideas that you can choose from. The best ones aren’t the ones with the most bells and whistles. They’re the ones that your target audience will use. The best part is that you can use promotional items to increase sales! Giving away a free promotional item with a purchase increases sales, according to research by behavioral scientist Dan Ariely.

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