Starting a business can be fun, but it comes with a lot of commitment to yourself and your employees to the success of the company. The odds are stacked, but it’s not impossible.

However, one of the major kill blows that businesses have is their failure to adapt and evolve to an ever-changing market. Half of all businesses fail in the first five years of them doing business and increases to 80 percent within ten years.

For your business not to fail like this, you must have a good handle on your company’s image. But here are some of the most recognizable indicators that it’s time to hire brand strategy consulting to help revive your business’s image.

1) A Static Logo

Time changes and so does technology. When creating a logo, you want it to be able to fit on webpages and banners on online advertisements as well as on papers.

The problem is that you must have a logo that can fit the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. Look at the iconic logos of companies like Coca-Cola or Starbucks. They can work anywhere, and that’s what your company needs.

2) Your Market has Changed

Understanding your market is one thing, but changing along with the market is something else. You can easily lose your share of the market if you don’t learn to adapt to it.

There are numerous examples of this, just look at Blockbuster. It ruled the 90s, now there’s only one left in existence. Look for opportunities to expand by finding out what the customers want. If you need help with the expansion, you can take a look here.

3) Your Brand is Indistinguishable

Sometimes a company’s brand is so similar to other competitors in the market, that they lack their own look and their own identity.

This shows a lack of image and can cause a loss in sales to your competitors. If you see this happening, maybe it’s time to rebrand your company.

4) The Brand Doesn’t Reflect its Values

Your business brand should have a strong, recognizable core identity that would exhibit your company vision and values. However, if these are not reflected in your company’s branding then the customer will never receive these things, whether you believe in them or not.

Everything about your company should exhibit these values because many customers pay attention to what the company stands for. You want to resonate with those people.

5) Your Message is Lost

Sometimes the message is lost entirely because of the design of your branding. You want to be able to marry the vision with the branding.

Be sure to not allow the message to be lost for the same reasons you want the brand to reflect your values. This is important for the long-term success of your business

Brand Strategy Consulting

Don’t let your business fall into the pit of complacency. This is often how businesses die. But you have so much more to give to your customers. Therefore, seek out quality brand strategy consulting to revitalize your business.

You can make your business the best it has ever been by investing in a pair of fresh eyes and a better outlook. Go out there and let your business flourish

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