Do you run an ecommerce business?

At a time when over 80 percent of Americans are routinely shopping online, running an online business is one of the best ways to position yourself in your customers’ path.

However, the ecommerce model comes with its fair share of challenges. A common one involves the shipping of products. Did you know product delivery can make or break your online store?

That’s right. If your business offers a poor product delivery experience, good luck getting any repeat purchases. But if you offer an excellent delivery experience, you will probably hit the jackpot!

So, how can you improve your product delivery experience? We’ve got a couple of helpful tips.

Read on!

Offer a Delivery Tracking Feature

Put yourself in a consumer’s shoes for a moment. When you purchase a product online, delivery anxiety kicks in almost immediately. You just can’t wait to have the product in your arms, right?

Imagine you’ve ordered the product from a company that doesn’t even provide a delivery timeline. It’s like flying blind. You don’t know when the product will arrive.

But what if you have got the ability to track the delivery process? You’ll be in a better position to manage your anxiety, no doubt.

The same thing happens to your customers. When they buy a product from you, they want to be able to track the movement of their order, right from confirmation to delivery. As such, one great thing you can do to improve the product delivery experience is to offer a tracking feature on your website.

Speed of Product Delivery Matters

Here’s the thing:

80 percent of online shoppers want same-day shipping. Yeah, instant gratification!

As a small e-business owner, you’d love to offer same-day shopping. As a consumer, you know the value of buying something online and getting it the same day.

Unfortunately, same-day shipping is costly. A third-party shipping service provider will charge you a lot more for same-day shipping than they would on 2 to 3-day shipping.

The alternative? Setting up your own shipping infrastructure, which can be costly in the short-term.

Fortunately, consumers can be a patient lot. Just because most love same-day shipping doesn’t mean they can’t make do with next-day shipping.

Most shipping companies will charge you an affordable rate for next-day shipping, even if you’re a foreign company shipping to the US.

Improve Your Product Packaging

Product packaging matters, especially if you’re shipping the product to the customer.

There’s a lot that goes into creating the best product packaging experience. There’s the branding on the packaging and the quality of the packaging.

Also, you don’t want the customer to receive a damaged product. If it’s a fragile product, ensure the packaging shields it accordingly.

Improve Your Product Delivery Experience

As an online business, the quality of the product is half the job. The other half is the product delivery experience. Regardless of how exceptional your product is, a bad delivery experience is enough to discourage customers from buying it again.

With this guide, you now have helpful tips you can use to improve the product delivery experience. Stay tuned to our blog for more business tips and insights.