There’s no running a business without having a company taking care of the accounting. You need a firm that will make sure all the bills are handled properly. Of course, there are lots of types of accountants and not all of them work for entrepreneurs. See a list of them here.

In some cases, accountants make mistakes and the company needs to deal with the IRS. Everyone knows that the IRS is an institution that makes no mistakes. They are going to hunt you down for even the slightest issue. Of course, not everything means losing the business and going to jail, but depending on the severity, you might need to do some time too.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a perfect accountant for your business. If you’re one of the many startups in California, you’re looking for the one company that understands your way of life, and the way you do business.

The business has changed since before. It’s now different than what people were used to. Young entrepreneurs and companies working in various branches look for something else than traditional accounting. Among the many accounting names is the one we mentioned in the topic.

In this article, we’re trying to figure out whether they are recommendable or not. To know this, we need to know what a proper modern accounting company is. Follow up to learn about both things.

A good accounting company is the one that works without monitoring

Having an insight into the company’s bills and income is a must for every accounting company. Back in the day, everything that the firm handled with money had to be physically taken to the person, or the team of accountants that were taking care of the issue.

Today, this isn’t necessary. A great accountant will have an insight into the spending and payments without interfering in the work of the company. The managers of both parties must trust each other perfectly and share the common interest – keep the business running smoothly.

Of course, all this must be done under the law. There’s no hiding anything from the IRS, so they both need to do their job transparently.

Luckily for everyone, today’s technology provides the chance for both firms to their share of the job without interfering. They work from their offices not interfering with the work of the others. In such a constellation, everyone’s happy to work relaxed and finish the job with the time and with as much precision as possible.

All this means that one accounting firm should be working without monitoring them. Instead, they need to be capable of conducting their own agenda. They should control their work alone and deliver the results to their clients without interfering with anyone’s time.

Experience is crucial

No person in this world will make no mistakes while working. We all do. It’s normal. It’s a part of everyone’s job. See here why experience is crucial:

A successful firm is the one that will create a team of people that are going to manage to reduce errors to a minimum. This is a well-known fact to those who have been in the business for a long time. That’s why you should be looking for an experienced accountant.

The experienced one will know how to set their line of work to produce perfect results. They will make a team of people that work individually, but the final product will always go through a couple of other more hands just to make revisions if necessary.

An inexperienced company will think that they are so good that they don’t make mistakes. They’ll rely on their aggressive approach towards the job, but eventually, they’ll fail. When they do, the experienced team is going to make things better in no time. The others will struggle for days or even longer.

Reviews are even more valuable

When you’re searching for the right accountant, you need to see that other people were satisfied before you. For example, you should see their BBB portfolio, or check out what others said about them on Trustpilot.

These places are a great way to research your future partner. If you need them for a job, you need to be sure that they are going to finish it perfectly. Don’t hire someone if you see 1,000 reviews and half of them are negative.

It’s normal for any business to receive negative comments, but the best ones will only have a few. Most of them will be positive. Also, a good business is the one that has lots of positive reviews, not just one or two. If there are only a few of them, it means that not too many people came along to share their opinion and experience working with them.

However, spotting a bad business is easy when you see that lots of people shared their opinion and it’s negative. It means you’re not going to be satisfied either.

Is this company a good one?

Of course, it is. The lead man, Jeff Neumeister is a forensic accountant with almost 20 years of experience in the practice. The rest of the team is also highly experienced especially in the field of forensic accounting.

They are located in the Tower Burbank, which makes them authentic Los Angeles accountants.This also tells you how serious their business is. If you need something is done that will perfect, these are the guys for you. Make an appointment and tell them what you need. You’ll have it on your desk in no time.

They have an online application, or you can call them on the phone. It’s up to you. In these times of Covid-19 crisis, most people opt for a non-physical meeting, so make sure you make an appointment and put it in your schedule.


Everyone must find a company that is professional and experience. It doesn’t matter what is the field of operation. When it comes to an accountant, it’s crucial to find someone with lots of experience.

The other features are also important. In the ocean of companies all doing fabulous work, you need to get only the absolute best. Choosing these guys is close to perfection.