Whatever may be the business type or industry, tax compliance is applicable for each company and individual. Many of us struggle at the time of filling the investment declaration. Some of us totally forget about the tax filing deadlines and later have to spend more to complete the process. That’s why most of the companies including some individuals hire tax advisory that helps them be compliance with tax regulations. It is like many other services which are provided by the boardroom limited which include accounting firm Hong Kong services. Let us know about it in more details to be compliance with it.

  • Tax consultant or advisor is person who is an expert in tax law. This law pertains to all the rules and regulation which administrate all the financial transaction.
  • Tax advisor is accountable to provide advice to his clients on the tax legislation. For both business and individual the tax advisor makes them understand all the terminology and give them advise on their financial requirement. The clients are very much benefited by knowing the terminology as it helps them to take the correct decision.
  • The services provided by the tax advisor are to help the clients to reduce the tax amount with the law. They also help you to remind the deadlines of tax filing and also inform if they have found any tax issues while checking the details provided by you.
  • Never think that tax advisory is to be hired by rich people as they can effort and it is a waste of money for you. But actually you might spend some amount for tax advisor but that he will help you save more than what you have spent.

When you are hiring a tax advisor keep the below points in mind:

  • Should have immense knowledge on tax law and should be up to date with all the new rules and changes happened.
  • Have the ability to take over the entire process which ever condition it may be and always be open for new challenges.
  • Should be very polite while discussing and settling company tax compliance matters with others.
  • Should be able to solve different problems of the companies which can be complex too.
  • Should be able to prepare the documentation in such way that it can be understood by all the stakeholders and clients.
  • Should be alert and remember all the pending activities and dates related to the financial terms.
  • Should be able to complete all the work on timely bases.
  • Should have pre experience in income tax, business tax and others. Make sure you check the tax identification number of the person getting hired.


Hope you will soon hire a tax advisor and solve all your problems related to the tax compliance.