Insurance and pension solutions for internationally mobile employees are becoming more and more complex. There are many solutions a company can use to insure its internationally mobile employees.

Globalization has led to the internationalization of employment relationships. Not only has the number of international employees risen sharply, the assignments are also becoming more and more individual – in terms of employment contract, duration and other benchmarks. As a result, insurance and singapore pension scheme expats solutions employee benefits are also becoming more complex for internationally mobile employees. When it comes to the question of which solutions  a company can use to insure its internationally mobile employees, coordination with the relevant social insurance is of crucial importance.

These private, international insurance plans can be useful and important for the following internationally mobile employees:

Posted workers

Third Country Nationals (TCN)

Local Foreign Employees

Key Nationals (e.g. CEO of a branch)

Global Nomads


possibly also frequent travelers

Of course, family members can also be insured (e.g. in the area of ​​medical expenses insurance).

Insurance plans

Requirements for international company solutions

Company solutions are usually based on collective agreements for example in the area of ​​international medical expenses insurance. However, individual policies are also available. Collective or better group solutions are characterized by the fact that they are flexible group framework agreements to which employees can be registered and canceled at any time. In addition, these group solutions offer the advantage compared to individual policies that the conditions of admission are less restrictive.

International insurance plans often have no direct connection with country these products are designed for expats / companies all over the world, so that some of them do not have the typical features. For example, there is often no distinction between illness and accident (ie both risks are insured with the same product / plan).

It is crucial for an employer to be able to adequately insure all internationally mobile employees ss well as their family members – regardless of their nationality, the country of residence, the contract structure and the length of the stay abroad. The guarantee of continuous, adequate risk coverage disability / death / medical costs and old-age provision are central for the employer and the employee.

One advantage of a best health insurance company can be the price for posted employees. Depending on the country of residence, the duration of the posting and the health insurance / product, the premium costs of the health insurance may be lower than those of the international insurer.