Treasure hunt is something that everyone has come to love throughout these years. The thrill of having to hunt for something within a given area and that too within a given time is something that everyone wishes to go through. Such experiences are to be enjoyed by everyone. Especially if it involves team-building skills.

But with the current pandemic situation in view, these games had to shut down and people are left to reminisce those times through their online blogs and posts. But what if we can now re-create this amazing game but online? Let us know more about virtual treasure hunts!

What is a virtual treasure hunt?

Virtual scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is your classic treasure hunt but in the online medium. The game is entirely held online, keeping the guidelines of the current pandemic situation in mind. You can arrange a template for the game and have the people scavenge around for the same.

This does not just have to be finding things within their own house but can also have competing tasks in a given time.

virtual treasure hunt

How Is This Conducted?

There are two ways to conduct this game. One is to have a scavenger hunt within their houses or you can have them complete tasks online within a stipulated time. You can also choose whether they will be working as a team or as an individual. The team scavenger hunt helps build the team.

A scavenger hunt is having them search for specific objects within their house. Like a mug or a picture frame. There are many templates available for this game. Most of these templates are suitable for any age category and job description. But if you want a professional orientated template, then you can get a customized template as well.

Why Should I Participate In This?

Participation in a virtual treasure hunt is in no way mandatory unless stated otherwise by your company or institute. But it provides a good experience and you get to feel the thrills of a good treasure hunt. The same rush of adrenaline while you work your way through the different clues and hints that are given.

The experience need not speak the same for everyone. Maybe you are one of the people who have everything that was on the template. You might also be the one who could crack every given task way before the given time. whatever it is, it may also help you in improving in certain points and team-building.