A corporate secretary is mainly required by state corporation laws for different businesses . Some of the important facts about the value corporate secretary have been discussed in this article.

Top skills required to be a corporate secretary 

Below are some of the important skills as well as the expertise required to be a corporate secretary:

  1. The candidate must have the proper understanding of the company’s business
  2. The person must have working knowledge about the corporate as well as securities law
  3. They must have an excellent demonstration of presence as well as must-have the  excellent communication skills
  4. The candidate must have sensitivity as well as intuition toward CEO as well as the directors thoughts and feelings
  5. The person must have the ability to read the signals and provide the needed early warnings to the management
  6. The candidate must be able to mediate as well as must assist in achieving consensus
  7. They must have the ability to overcome the bureaucratic thinking in the company
  8. The candidate must be detail-oriented, creative, and must be flexible.
  9. The person must have a sense of balance irrespective of the type of situation
  10. The candidate must have good analytical, problem-solving skills
  11. The candidate must have required management as well as organizational skills
  12. The candidate for corporate secretary must have IT familiarity
  13. The person must have discretion with the confidential information
  14. The candidate must have a through understanding of the legal system as this can affect business

Important responsibilities to know about the corporate secretary 

Some of the important responsibilities of the corporate secretary include:

  1. The company secretary must be able to implement the decisions of the board of directors.
  2. They must act as advisers to the company directors.
  3. This personnel must be able to handle company share transactions which include issuing new shares, arranging the payments of dividends as well as observing all legal requirements
  4. The corporate secretary must liaise with auditors, tax advisers, lawyers, bankers as well as shareholders on board governance issues
  5. They must attend as well as must take minutes of directors’ as well as members’ meetings.
  6. They also make the process smooth for the orientation of new directors and must be able to assist in the director training as well as development;
  7. They are also required to maintain important corporate documents as well as different records.

These are some of the important facts to know about value corporate secretary.