WhatsApp – one of the most used messaging apps globally, has exploded in popularity. It is a popular method for friends and family to communicate, share texts, photos, videos, and also send or receive documents. You can converse with anyone securely. With the launch of WhatsApp business API, global companies ran towards it and for the right reasons.

Why should companies not chase after it? After all, customers today also want to communicate with businesses the same way they do with their family and friends. The potential of the WhatsApp platform is huge, with a base in over 180 countries, it allows businesses to reach a global audience.

What is the fuss about?

WhatsApp business came into the scene in 2018 and since then, has created a lot of buzz around it. Why exactly that is, let’s see.

The app allows businesses to message their customers directly on WhatsApp safely and securely. It has an advantage over SMS as it provides a profile for the brand. This way customers know instantly who they are communicating with. It also provides a reliable delivery of information by which companies know what has been sent and read.

Advantages of WhatsApp business

Now, as more and more companies are getting on the bandwagon, you don’t want to be left behind. The following points will clarify why you should pick WhatsApp business API:

  • Creating connections

Business is all about making networks, and creating a strong bond with your customer is like winning.

Also, you can connect with customers anytime anywhere – no restrictions.

  • Global engagement

WhatsApp is used all over the globe. It gives your business a vast reach. Even if your customers travel frequently, there is no need to worry.

  • Two-way conversation

The app also provides a 2-way channel communication. If the consumers have any doubt, they can clear it up.

Integrating WhatsApp API with your business

Now that you have made up your mind about WhatsApp API, the question is how you can do it. Moobidesk provides the best integration services, and here is why:

  • WhatsApp Business API that is easy to use
  • Reliable and fast messaging
  • Multi-agent support
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Secure messaging
  • Analytics and reporting

The solution provided by Moobidesk drives superior customer experience by observing customer profiles and preferences like flight seating and purchase history, and more. It also enhances the productivity of your team as many agents can handle multiple chats at once unlike WhatsApp web.

If you want your business to grow significantly, you now know what has to be done.