Track and trace or tracking and tracing solution refers to a vital e commerce service that is used by major business corporations all over the world. Basically track and trace solutions use real time data base to track the logistics of either a particular type of product or various types of product, that a business deals in.  This solution, caters largely to the secondary sector, aka the transportation process of a particular good. The reason for the same can be credited to the fact that it is during transit only, that any good has the highest probability of getting lost or damaged. Track and trace solutions allow for business owners to easily become aware of the location of a particular good in a particular shipment, at a given point of time. In order to do so, tracking and tracing uses different methods and approaches.

The approaches used for tracking and tracing

track and trace solutions

The first and foremost, is the cheapest method, and one that can be quite effective if used correctly and with appropriate man power. It involves recording the arrival and departure time of each and every container, containing a shipment of a particular product. While this approach opens a business up to a lot of vulnerabilities, it can prove to be extremely efficient if done religiously and with utmost seriousness. Another approach is to store real time database of shipments in computers and track the progress from there on. This approach guarantees 100 percent efficiency and is extremely quick. However, this approach can be quite expensive. The cost of equipment, regular maintenance and updating the technology, all these factors can run a heavy bill. The former approach is used by up and coming businesses, who are just starting to expand their services and cater to a larger audience, while the latter is used by well established corporations that distribute their products, across the country.

Track and trace solutions, no matter what approach they are used in, have known to be extremely helpful to businesses, irrespective of their scale. Especially for manufacturers. Since they are supposed to bare the cost of any product that gets lost during transit, as well as replace it for the seller. Using tracking and tracing has ensured that goods do not get lost, and in the unfortunate event that they do, they can be easily found. Manufacturers who have used these methods have claimed to see extraordinary results