Counseling for Consumer Debt If you’re having trouble paying your bills because of unsecured debt, our Financial Counselors can assist. They’ll assess your financial position and provide debt counseling so you can make an informed decision about dealing with credit cards.

One of our counselors will walk you through all of your available alternatives for managing and paying down debt throughout a credit counseling session.

As a result, you may create a personal budget and manage your money according to the average costs of yourself &¬†your family. After that, we’ll examine your ability to pay and work with you to choose the best strategy for dealing with credit cards unique situation.

One hour is the standard length of time for a session. However, it may be longer depending on the complexity of your financial situation. The majority of the time, only one session is all that’s required. However, if required, you may request a second review session.

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One-on-One Credit Counseling

Individualized debt management guidance is the primary goal of a credit counseling session.

What should you anticipate from a consultation with a credit counselor?

With the guidance of an experienced financial counselor, you’ll better understand where you are financial.

As a result, you should be prepared to respond to queries like:

  1. What other income sources do you have?
  2. Are there any additional assets you hold (such as a second home for investment purposes)?
  3. Who else owes you money (such as close friends or relatives)?

In addition, your Financial Counselor will help you create a monthly personal or household budget. Be ready to adapt your way of life and make do with the bare essentials.

Don’t be afraid to provide facts that might affect your capacity to repay your obligations

To better grasp the repercussions of each decision, you might debate and investigate other relevant alternatives. You are the only one who can make an educated choice about dealing with your debts in light of your unique circumstances.

Be open to new ideas and eager to accept debt guidance from those who know what they’re doing.

The Financial Counsellor may determine whether you are eligible for a Debt Management Program (DMP) based on your payment capability and appropriateness. Keep in mind that your creditors must approve any DMP proposals you submit.