What is a Funeral?

The funeral is a word that no one wants to imagine in their mind; when one thinks of a sad picture comes to mind. The mental images from these sources are due to geographical places, cultures, or societies in which a person lives. The funeral is the practice that is followed in every culture to pay respect to the one who is dead. To make these services up to the mark, a christian funeral parlour is a place where all the services are provided in the best way. Funerals are the rites to be followed religiously, and the service provider takes care of each thing without hassle.

Components Of Funeral Services 

There are four major components of traditional funeral services that mainly the funeral parlors offer to the ones who come to them.

christian funeral parlour

  1. Wake or Visitation Ceremony 

It is when people and close relatives come to pay their respect and see the deceased one and their family. The body is kept in the casket and is open or closed as per the preferences. Arrived guests and relatives say a short prayer and offer their condolences to each family member who has lost their loved ones.

  1. Funeral services 

After the completion of the visitation, the purpose of a funeral is to honor the life of the deceased one and remember their contribution to society. It is when people say a final goodbye to their bodily presence and then take the casket to the chapel for different rituals. After the rites, the body is buried in a cemetery or gravesite. During this, they sing hymns, songs, and religious passages to pay them respect.

  1. Committal Services 

After the funeral service, a vehicle takes the body to either cemetery or crematory, depending on the type of culture and deposition the family follows. If the family chooses burial, the family will be congregated at the open mausoleum.

  1. Funeral Reception 

After all the last rituals, some families have a social gathering after the services; the family provides food and refreshments to the guests. Also, they thank them for attending the ceremony and share their kind views on the deceased one.


 The funeral is the ceremony; nobody wants to attend as many emotional connections are attached. It is when the family needs support to forget the pain of the lost one.