If you want to apply for a particular position in a company, you must go through the HR department’s selection process. It contains various steps in which you must reach your expectations. Only when you can get into the company to perform job responsibilities.

Every company has its own rules and process, but companies’ selection processes are almost the same. So, if you are interested in any company, you should know about the recruitment process well so you can quickly go through the selection process.

seleccion de personal rrhh

Let’s understand all seleccion de personal rrhh process in the following steps:

  • Advertisement for a vacant position:It is the first step of the selection process. HR department posts its vacant position ads on various mediums, and you can see them and apply for the job.


  • Screening of resume:After going through the ad, you must send your resume to the company to get noticed by the HR department to get a vacant position.


  • Make a call:After receiving your resume, the HR department will make a call to you to learn more about you. At this time, HR fixed the meeting time to perform the other process.


  • Interview process:After deciding the meeting date, the HR department will interview you and learn about your skill set. If they know you are the perfect candidate, they will show you a positive response.


  • Background checking process:If you are selected in the interview process, the HR department moves on to the other method, which is the background checking process. In this, HR wants to know about your previous experience and additional personal information. You have to be clear here so you can get the job quickly.


  • Document collection process:After receiving a positive response from your side, the company needs your documents, such as your identity proof, experience letters, qualification proofs, and other related documents.
  • Salary discussion: In this seleccion de personal rrhh, the company will tell you about the payment norms and other plans. So, listen to it clearly and ask if you have any doubts.


  • Final decision:After collecting your documents, the HR department will tell you whenever you can join the company. Here, you will have to decide whether you want to join the company or not. If you want to join, you can join the company on the date and time.


The above selection process steps are almost identical in all the companies. So, you must be prepared for all of them to get a vacant position.