Every workplace worker has to travel occasionally. Generally, delegating this task is the easiest and most efficient way to go. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. It doesn’t make sense that you shouldn’t give yourself some much-needed pampering after spending hours on an airplane or in a car or jetting across the country for work when you could be at an airport spa getting a massage. Here are the different types of 광주출장안마 you could be giving yourself.


This type of massage involves picking the nearest airport or train station spa and simply walking in to get the massage on a whim. You could also just book yourself in a hotel spa near your destination and pay for it directly there. This type is a good one to do after arriving in town and before you go to the conference location.


Pre-Arranged With Your Department

This is the type that requires you to book in advance but only with the permission of your employer. The most common reason for this arrangement is if you have attended a number of conferences over a certain period of time and are given a voucher or credit to be used at an airport spa destination just for business trips like this one.


This is the type where you go on vacation but still take your job seriously which usually leads to business trips.

Product Launch

Although not for the faint of heart, this type is perfect for product launch parties, conferences and other large events. You can get your massage with a product launch and earn some brownie points in the process.


This is the most specific type of business trip massage. It is usually given by a therapist who specializes in health. He or she could offer a variety of options; such as a blood test, colon cleansing or gym membership. However, you will have to be very specific in order to get certain benefits out of it.

The Side Trip

This type of massage is usually done as a last resort or as a welcomed diversion. This can be anything from getting lost and ending up in the airport spa or train station spa to giving yourself a treat because your flight or train was delayed. This type of massage is great for seeing the difference between the one you get on vacation and one you get while working.

Limo Tour

This is another type of massage where you have to let your employer know of your travel plans. This type is given by a mobile spa business and it involves getting out of the vehicle, going into the location and getting pampered while your limo driver stays behind; minding both business and vehicle.