Transactions are major areas of concern among individuals, businesses and professionals. Secured transactions are even a more in-demand field. When speaking about secured transactions, these are business transactions that involve that ensures smooth processes without any party leaving the deal. It involves contracts and agreements as well.

Traditional Ways

One of the most traditional way of secured transactions is through providing a collateral. This is applicable for instance, when you purchase automobiles, homes, deeds of trust and more. When you purchase a car, an agreement is entered by the buyer and seller, and is categorized under a secured transaction. When full payment is made, no collateral is required. Nevertheless, there are cars that may not be purchased in this way and there are those that avail of loans to still get hold of the item even when they do not have the money prepared.

How The Traditional Ways Work

In these cases, there are collaterals that are set up in place and more demands to secured transactions as made. Another area where this traditional approach is used is when purchasing houses and homes. The primary mechanisms for finances for home purchases is either through financing or mortgage. The mortgage becomes the security avenue of the lender in order to ensure that the borrower will pay off the debts. If cars have collaterals, home buyers and sellers work on an interest rate in order to ensure that the loans will be paid off.

Thirdly, deeds of trust also make use of the traditional approach through securing the loan and transferring the title of the house toward the trustee. These trustees then act as a third party between those involved in the process of the loans. Lenders will provide these loans and the borrowers will have to be more responsible on paying them back.

New and Improved Methods

There are more individuals participating in these transactions today that more demands for security are being taken care of. As opposed to these traditional methods of ensuring safe and secured transactions, there are new approaches developed today that use up the innovations of technology to provide their benefits and their services.

Ipsidy, which has its website at, ensures that identity is kept safe during transactions. They are provided for citizens, professionals and government employees who engage in both digital and non-digital transactions. The goal is to create and foster a more secured and globally-connected community.

Secured Transactions

Today, transactions may happen on mobile and this setup has a lot of security nightmares and challenges such as account breaches and stolen identity information. It is therefore necessary that people should be able to learn to verify their identities and use these up to further protect themselves.

The company offers an identify platform that enables users to verify their identities through their mobile devices. The systems work to complete the transaction through a signed authentication method unique for every person. The entire business transaction then never begins until identities are verified and authenticated, making way for transactions where people are confident to commit into.