So you just have graduated with an electronics engineering degree? Wondering which career you will land in? The first thing that will come into your mind is work in a multinational company in Silicon Valley. This is a fairly obvious direction you would opt to go. However, your career is not limited to working in an electronics engineering company. You have a wide range of options within the industry ant outside of it.

Career in Aerospace

A career in aerospace will have you working on cutting edge technology. You will be launching or improving power dense electrical machines and controllers. Who knows? You may also be given the opportunity to design technology for fully autonomous ships or electronic propulsions for aerospace platforms.

Career in Automotive

Outside an electronic engineering company, your career will also land you in the automotive industry. There you might have an opportunity to work on a variety of systems like engine control units, dashboard indicators, air conditioning, safety systems, braking technology, and infotainment systems. Your electronics engineering career will be useful in developing autonomous, connected, and electrified vehicles.

Career in defense

In the defense sector, you will be working on optimizing hardware and software design concepts. You will be tasked with texting complex products to ensure that the equipment is fit for air, sea, or land operations. Your activities may include circuit design,. Equipment assessment behavior, fault diagnosis, new technology and components assessment, simulation and modeling, and data analysis.

Career in Electronics

In the electronics sector, you could be doing roles such as design engineering or applications engineering. You will be working in chips, integrated circuits, and components such as capacitors and resistors and devices that rely on electricity as their source of power.

Career in Consumer Goods

Electronics engineering graduates can work in two areas in the consumer goods industry: manufacturing/engineering or supply networking operations/logistics. These areas combine different engineering disciplines such as general manufacturing or logistics engineer.

Career in Marine Industry

Your career in the marine industry will involve tasks such as designing radar systems for state-of-the-art warships or complex automation systems. You will also be tasked with helping reduce manning requirements at sea. You will also be tasked in reducing pollution and lower operation costs by designing connected solutions linking land and seas.

 Career in Materials and Metals

Work in the materials and metals industry will have you doing maintenance of control and instrumentation as well as optimizing hardware and software design concepts. It could include fault diagnosis, simulation and modeling and data analysis. You could also be designing and running a control system for a power station.