Every year thousand of skilled workers from all over the world migrate to Canada. Canada has always been a favourite country to individuals for exploration. They come for tourism, work, study, business and many times they get settled on permanent basis. Anyone gets easily hooked up to Canada because of its world class cities, ideal work environment, high employment rate, social security benefits & transparent government policies. In the world, Canada has a finest immigration system. Thus it attracts many immigrants to migrate there every year.

Filing visa application for Canada

Based on one’s visa type & visa category the immigration process is followed. The people outside Canada if wants to come on temporary basis they can choose any Visa application process as, work, study, visit, or super visa, etc. And the application process may be done through online as well as in paper work. Thus there are 4 types of visa granted to personnel to enter Canada. Those are- temporary resident visa, study visa, work permits, permanent resident travel document. But the decision to issue or refuse a visa to anyone is solely taken by immigration officers of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). He assesses all applications in accordance with Canada’s immigration rules and guidelines.

Procedure of applying for Canada work visa

As we previously discussed that the procedure can be achieved applying online or through paper documents. Let us first see the rules of online process.

  • Before applying for work visa application in Canada one must gather all his documents first encompassing qualification certificates, work experience (if any), etc.
  • Then the category of visa he wants to apply for must be checked.
  • Now, he should visit CIC website and should create MyCIC Account.
  • The electronic copies or scanned copies of documents should be submitted.
  • Application fee should be paid. Thus he should possess valid debit or credit card.
  • To apply for any category one has to contact Immigration Expert available at Visa Avenue. If he is not available at that particular time then free assessment form should be filled for further contact by the Immigration Specialist.

Now if anyone tries to do the process through paper documents one should firstly read and understood the relevant guidelines and instructions to fill the form.

Procedure for Canada super visa application

This type of visa is given to the parents & grandparents. It is a temporary resident visa permit which allows them to stay there for upto 2 years maximum. The application process is same just like the previous one.

Working visa for Australia

Australia is also an excellent country for good students to enrich their knowledge. Its world class research & innovative activities occurs every day attracts many students to explore Australia once. Out of this sector the canadian working holiday visa Australia is most sought out  If anyone have skills or qualifications that Australia needs, through SkillSelect one can get invitation to apply for skilled visa by the Australian government. An Expression of Interest (EOI) or visa application should be submitted. Actually it is a indication of acceptance of skilled visa.

To conclude canada working visa Australia will not be a bad idea if you want to explore the best of the two countries.