Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency founded in 2009.All the transactions related to bitcoins will happen without any middleman like banks or agents. Bitcoin increased many times during these years and one can use it even to book hotels on Expedia. It is a type of trading bitcoins with bitcoin investors only and this increased the value of bitcoins enormously. 28 million bitcoins are already capped and 16 million are still in circulation. Thousands of people are trading with cryptocurrency and bitcoin network is severely crowded. As a result of this many transactions are delayed and some are waiting for confirmation to happen. If you are such a person thinking how to Speed Up My Bitcoin Transaction this article is for you.

Speed Up My Bitcoin Transaction

Advantages of using Bitcoins

This currency can be used to buy merchandise also. The convenience of using bitcoins can easily replace credit cards. International payments are very cheap with them as they not belonged to any specific country or regulations. Start-ups can also gain from bitcoins as there are no credit card fees.The bitcoin credit cards are giving convenience which provides freedom for theuser from theft, fraud and mainly interest rates of credit cards for any purchases.They are secure, fast and global friendly.It is very popular in countries like China, in which even online payment can be done with bitcoins. These bitcoins are now as worth as gold. The transaction and transfer fees on bitcoins are very less. The major advantage of bitcoins is they cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

One can explore sites like to view all the bitcoin payments made on it. Of course, there are many such sites to search for this and this is upto individual preference.

The unconfirmed transactions number increased from last year. This may be because of the low transaction fee paid by the investor. If thetransaction is unconfirmed, the miner has to wait to pick your bitcoin transaction and you may not gain from that. So how to Speed Up My Bitcoin Transaction will be the investor’s question and bitcoin accelerators are the perfect answer. They accelerate transaction without spending any amount on that.Theinvestor has to make sure that transaction fee setting is correct. This is to ensure future transactions are hassle-free.

Bottom Line

Bitcoins are cryptocurrency which is valid for buying merchandise and online payments in many countries. If the bitcoin transaction gets stuck, one can speed up with bitcoin accelerators.