The GRIZZLY G50161 is one of the best metal cutting band saw on the market today. If you have a small to medium sized workshop, this is perfect for your professional projects. It has both the practical and safety features that would be perfect even for first-time users of Grizzly G0561.

            With all the metal cutting bandsaw being sold in the market today, you might wonder if what makes it different from the rest. Aside from its usability and safety, this has the best features that you cannot find in other metal cutters. This is the reason why more and more people are interested in purchasing this product.

Grizzly G0561: The Metal Cutting Bandsaw 

Grizzly Metal Bandsaw is metal cutting bandsaw that can be used even in large capacities. It is very popular in all shops. Because of its small footprint, it allows you to move it anywhere in the shop. This bandsaw is specifically designed to cut 7 X 12 inches rectangular stock. But it is more than that. This is one of the best products manufactured by the Grizzly Industrial Company.

Grizzly Metal Bandsaw

The PROS of Grizzly G0561

Aside from its capacity to cut a 7 X 12-inch stock, this is a large capacity machine that will be able to cut any type of materials. Before you purchase one for your workshop, it is best that you know the reasons why you should purchase this tool. See if this would be perfect for your projects.

  • This is a horizontal band saw that will let you experience its ability to cut a 7 inches round stock or even a 7 X 12-inch rectangular stock.
  • This is completely mobile because of its footprint of 12 X 18 inches. It also has cast iron wheels making it easy to move around. This is a perfect choice if your shop has limited space where you are not able to leave the saw unattended at times.
  • It is made of a solid cast iron body, bed, and frame, which makes it very durable that it can stand the test of time. Even though it will be abused in the workshop, it has a powder coated paint to make it look clean.
  • The Grizzly G0561 has a built-in automatic shut-off system that is designed for safety while you are using the band saw. The machine will automatically turn off on its own after every cut of metal or any material.
  • This machine has a coolant feature, making it possible to increase its lifespan. This coolant tank has a capacity of 2 ½ gallons. It can be easily operated by using the hose to control the fluid that you will allow to flow.
  • It has a quick-positioning vise. This means that you can easily control the clamping jaw. This will be very useful when you are working with materials that need a change in the vise position.

Many companies are claiming about why their product is the best. But in general, if we base it on the feedbacks and comments about these different products, it is obvious enough why Grizzly G0561 is the best among the choices. It is very dependable and easy to use.