Myth 1 – cloud is just a fad

Facts- as this cloud term has recently emerged and it is quite new in the market, and the concept and network technologies are still in the evolving process, these types of cloud computing do have high investment and this process needs a very high adoption rates. So these kind of cloud computing services are definitely not fad, the flexibility, economy, agility, redundancy are making these services too captivating.

Myth 2 – cloud iSeries are said to be more expensive.

Facts– well it all depends on the device you are using it on, if you have a old AS400 which may not be having any kind of maintenance or any other kind of software support, and they did not have any kind of recent updates, then it will take time in all and every process, so the cost will be tend to increase by the every passing minute, so the time you are spending on each process is the main reason of increasing the cost rather than the cloud iSeries themselves. iSeries cloud services cannot be cheaper than what they are in current scenario.

iSeries cloud services

Myth 3- data is not safe in cloud iSeries.

Facts– just if you can see and touch your data on any other service does not definitely make it any more safer than cloud iSeries, the data which is being stored in the premises they do have much more chances of being in risk than these ones, such as theft, water, tampering and many more. There are such reputed cloud hosting solution providers who definitely give the best solutions and do provide the high level off securities to the data as well as the stability and dismissal too. Cloud iSeries so provide all kind of security to the data from top level to the bottom level for sure. By providing services like all the time monitoring, controlled and restricted access.

Myth 4- the cloud is not reliable

Facts– it is proven and seen in all the system that every time can’t be in the uptime, however the cloud iSeries are designed only to provide the high availability rates all the time. Although the same availability can be achieved by them in house only with the type of dedicated hosting which is possible on each and every level. It is generally said to be the more cost effective for all the critical systems which are there.

Myth 5- it is not as fast

Fact– the speed of the cloud iSeries are totally depended upon the use of the bandwidth which is generally decided by the providers who are using them. And these speed limitations are being handled by the more powerful bandwidth and the fastest processes.

These are certain myths which are there in market about these cloud iSeries, and these myths are themselves denying all of them by their better performance and the increase usage in current scenarios. Cloud iSeries are said to be the future of the working organizations by which they can achieve the kind of performance they want to have.