What are highlighted snippets on Google? More crucially, how do they function? Google’s featured snippet is highlighted text, list, or video pieces that show at the head of a Google search result page. You have probably seen these highlighted snippets numerous times, if not dozens or thousands of times, addressing your inquiries on everything like what foods is hazardous to your dog. Now that we have described Google’s highlighted snippets quickly, let us look at some samples of how these snippets really look. And, while the word snippet implies that they are generally tiny portions of text, they may also be video snippets or much more substantial in terms of data. You must also know varieties of featured snippets. Here are the many sorts of highlighted snippets that may be found in Google search results.

the various kinds of featured snippets

Fragments of paragraphs

The paragraph snippet is a good place to start because it is the most basic sort of featured snippet on Google. These paragraphs snippets easily check your website or blog entry for content that corresponds to the term searched. The length of this paragraph might range from a single, brief sentence to multiple words. However, from an SEO standpoint, it’s best to keep material in your articles and pages concise and direct so Google understands exactly which portions to highlight.

Numbered lists

Along with the numbered list, the bullet list may be the most popular sort of Google featured snippet that most web users will encounter. The bullet list performs just what its name says, providing bullet points about the corresponding Google search. From an SEO standpoint, it might be advantageous to keep your bullet point lists brief and direct, as well as focused on resolving any specific questions or concerns. Know about some varieties of featured snippets

Know about some varieties of featured snippets

Lists with numbers

Numbered lists, like bullet lists are a common Google featured snippet style that you see for everything from culinary recipes to troubleshooting instructions for all sorts of difficulties or concerns. Numbered lists might include as little as a few steps or as many as a dozen, although Google may trim your list short if it is too long and display a “more things” symbol to encourage a click. From an SEO standpoint, you should definitely write out your numbered things early in your post or page to allow Google know wherever your stages are and which parts to include within any snippets.